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Structure r410a refrigerant for sale with welded steel pipe

Structure r410a refrigerant for sale with welded steel pipe made of LSAW steel pipe or ERW steel pipe . Due to structural tube takes a lot of pressure and pressure ability, generally USES wall thickness greater than 8 mm. Exports of welded steel pipe need to groove, brush paint, pipe cap. Give priority to the main refrigerant charge guide material is carbon steel structural tube. Structure with the main parameters of the welded steel pipe diameter, wall thickness, length and welding technology, whether the need for surface anti-corrosion insulation treatment.Structure application in welded steel pipe, steel structure bridge support, building structural tube, pipe pile foundation, etc


The Wireless China R410 refrigerant tubes Manufacturers

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R12.R134.R410 Refrigerant filling meter project

The outer end surface of the container should also put up a sign. Signs should be marked: supply-side mark or registered trademarks of steel grades (product standard does not provide, except by heat number delivered), batch number, contract number, Product requirements, product standards, weight or root number, date of manufacture and for the technical supervision departments of the mark.3. Geology, petroleum steel pipe with a straight seam pipe fittings, grade or grade should sign.4 straight seam steel pipes of test items, sample size, sampling location and test methods, according to the corresponding product standards.Retest results (including the pilot project required by any indicator) failed, the batch of structural steel pipe shall not be delivered. microstructure. Low magnification of white spots;b.The need to agree,hot-rolled seamless steel pipe can be rolled straight seam root array batch of samples. .6 failed re-inspection results (including results of initial inspection failed microstructure, does not allow re-inspection of the R12.R134.R410 Refrigerant filling meter project) LSAW steel pipe for acceptance be submitted by the root; or re-heat treatment (no more than twice the number of re-heat treatment) , made a new batch of acceptance. Mark should be clear and obvious, not falling.5 LSAW steel pipe test results, a particular product does not meet the standard requirements, should single out those who fail, and from the same batch of LSAW steel pipe, either to take twice the number of samples, the failed project of re- experience.The following test items, when the first failed inspection, does not allow for re-inspection:a.4 containers of LSAW steel pipe and fittings, the container should be attached to a plate. Demand side is entitled to appropriate product standards for inspection and acceptance.5 pairs of straight seam steel pipes marked changes in the requirements, if any, to be provided in the product standard, or by supply and demand the agreement.3 straight seam steel pipes should be submitted to batch acceptance rules should be consistent with the corresponding set of approved product standards. Mark should include the steel grade, the product rulesCells, production and supply-side mark the standard number or registered trademarks LSAW steel pipe steel grades should be printed after the heat number, lot number. Signs on the content should be consistent with the provisions of 3.2 outside diameter not less than 36mm of DSAW steel pipe and the cross-section shaped perimeter not less than 150mm of LSAW steel pipe, straight seam should be at each end of the pipe ends are printing, stamping, roll printing, stamp or mark paste .SignAn outer diameter less than 36mm of LSAW steel pipe and shaped cross-section perimeter is less than 150mm of LSAW steel pipes, from time to print in mind.2 supplier must ensure that the delivery of straight seam steel pipe products meet appropriate r134a refrigerant autozone standards.3 bundles packaged on each bundle of LSAW steel pipe should be not less than two hanging signs (each mark on the LSAW steel pipe can be linked to a sign). Low pressure liquid delivery pipe and galvanized welded straight-seam welded straight-seam pipe, wire pipe, straight seam welding for general purpose steel pipe, straight seam welded steel pipe-shaped cross-section, complex-shaped cross-section of straight seam steel pipe seamless, may direct in each pipe joints on the printed record. 2.AcceptanceA straight seam steel quality inspection and acceptance, by the supply-side technical quality supervision departments. Screw thread of the car left LSAW steel pipe, standard number should be printed after the "Left"The word.7, such as product standards are not as special provisions, the chemical composition of LSAW steel pipe for acceptance by melting ingredients


The main process of casing pipe production line

The main process of casing pipe production line mainly consists of: descaling machine, flaw detector, pipe threading machine, screwing machine, hydraulic press, diameter machine, steel pipe high pressure fog spray paint machine, automatic length measuring, spray marking, packing equipment.1. Descaling machine: divided into two methods: steel brush rust removal and shot blasting, the main function is to treat the surface oxide scale of the raw material pipe;2. Flaw Detector: R134 refrigerant tube It is divided into two common methods: eddy current testing and ultrasonic testing. The main function is to detect the pipe material and check whether the pipe meets the production requirements.3. Pipe threading machine: Pipe thread CNC lathe is mainly responsible for the processing of pipe thread. Common buckle types are: short round buckle and long round buckle and special buckle;4. Screwing machine: It is divided into two types: the planetary clamping type and the inner curved surface clamping.

The main purpose is to tighten the coupling after the pipe thread processing to protect the thread;5. Hydraulic press: It is mainly to carry out water pressure test on the pipe body to check whether the steel pipe meets the production requirements;6. Path machine: mainly to check whether the inside of the steel pipe is smooth;7. Steel pipe high pressure fog spray paint machine: mainly after the pipe is finished, prevent the pipe from rusting in the outdoor and transportation process, and carry out automatic anti-corrosion spraying on the surface of the professional equipment;8. Steel pipe length measurement: The main purpose is to automatically measure the pipe number, furnace batch number, length, weight and other data, and then print the content onto the pipe surface to facilitate the use of the unit for identification;9. Marking machine: professional equipment for printing the pipe body mark;10. Packing: Bundling and discharging the finished pipe.

A/C Straight Ball valve Adapter For R410 /R22 on the level of the pipe

Oil drill pipe end threads using pipe, seamless steel pipe ends before threading usually after machining, including: cutting, car cylindrical, boring, chamfering and face processing. Tube end forms the thick thick, thick outer and internal and external thickened. Therefore, in order to eliminate the influence of uneven wall thickness and reduced pipe ovality, should be enlarged diameter punch and sizing ring compression method.

Various instruments required rigorous factory testing, test items include snails moment, tooth height, tooth, thread length, taper, tight moments. Reduced flaring punch when pipe ovality effect depends A/C Straight Ball valve Adapter For R410 /R22 on the level of the pipe wall thickness uniformity on a large level. Severe than those of the wall thickness is not as hot tube rolling machine rolling cycle-type steel (see cycle-type rolling machine rolling) after expanding punch, seamless end sizing by cold deformation process. After sizing, expanding and non-expanding transition zone, there may be different levels of residual stress, but may also occur due to internal and external appearance of punches and scratches caused by sizing the ring, leading to a slight stress corrosion.

To improve the strength of the weld zone, the pipe end is also used generally thickened. Ensure dimensional accuracy of machined steel, seamless steel pipe end sizing reduce ovality purposes. In order to improve the strength of the local threaded connections, pipe end thickening mainly used in petroleum and geological steel pipes. These processes are generally done on a dedicated machine once finished threading on both machines. After threading pipe ends due to wall thinning. Commonly used methods of sizing and expanding punch punch expanding and sizing ring compression two kinds. Using the method of increasing the pipe end thickened pipe end wall thickness.

Since the cold sizing, the pipe end is elastically deformed and also only a small amount of plastic deformation.  . Threaded throughout the local became the weak link in the pipe strength. In order to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements thread size. Deterioration in the quality of the appearance of the pipe end. Therefore, it should enhance the dimensional accuracy of rolled steel, used to prevent the pipe end sizing method. After sizing sleeve ends after black buckle ends of the wire when the car (car left tainted threaded surface) small quantity, can improve the yield. In addition, drill (tube) multi-use tool butt end of the connecting tube, the weld and heat affected zone is weak link strength. Mainly used for oil casing

R12, R134, R410 refrigerant and liquid tricolor tube preservation

0W)3, aerospace, refrigeration, of the army ofthe new and improved semiconductor technology without refrigerant, and theenclosed design, does not leak, truly non-toxic, non-polluting, green4, the surface of refrigerated warehouseinsulation thicker foil material, with a dense solid, heat, frost, easy toclean and fine features, ideal for insulation R12, R134, R410 refrigerant and liquid tricolor tube preservation; mezzanine withdouble-sided metal films encryption EPE, super insulation performance,waterproof zipper design , sealed, leak-proof;5, excellent structural design of equipmentto make the product resistant to vibration of strong, good durability, car inbumps, vibration, tilt conditions can be good to maintain a normal workingstate.The relatively thick on both sides, can theerection of the human spine. Let us put thiscare to the "heart" of the father car, so that he can feel at ease,rest assured that the car, no car to worry about. The arrival of Father's Day June19, 2011, to make us more thoughts that do not usually speak of men, exemplarof the mind, to send a thoughtful gift, a surprise to the father worked hardday and night. Caring father, fromautomotive supplies!  . If your father is a car owners, then a mechanical, automobile,car living life dreams, then why not choose a car to share and give thanks tohim    The Qiqi comfort carcushion to his father the most enjoyable blessing functions: to solve a short drive waist sourdistress; considerate care of your waist; Resembling Apple, so we usually callfor apple lumbar pad. However, for men to buy gifts hard to buy gifts for his fathereven harder, they often do not like something too fancy, buy too valuables willfeel that you waste, utility, quality and reassuring product is fathersfavorite things.Cautionis the mother's love, father love the attention; think the mother is awhite-haired, would like the father is back.Father'sDay just one day, but our fatherly care is on-going life, just as in automotivesupplies carefully prepared to give the car a long-term care. Will not lead to long-term driving fatigue uniquespine design: entirely based on the characteristics of the human bodymechanics, good trenches set for the middle of the lumbar spine. Extremelydocile fabric material: natural linen filler: static taste memory of cottonfabrics and cotton core between the country's first to join the anti-mite andanti-bacterial processing of knitted fabrics, environmental health3, the use of this product prevents dust,dirt and pollution, sterilization of the car, remove the odor, purify the air(such as: formaldehyde)Product built-in charcoal filter can beeffective in the interior of vehicle exhaust pollutants purification5, productsto O3 discharge machine, charcoal filter, exhaust fan, LED light, foldableplug, switch, such as the composition of, Power consumption is small, no effecton the vehicle; (voltage: 12V / max power 3W.Conclusion: I think, automotive r134a to r410a adapter supplies,children express their love for the perfect carrier, deep love for his father,my father's profound experience of the love of their children, even if it doesnot say the phrase "I love you" love overflowing , while long-termbacklog in such a way that will not only allow children to express feelings inmind, let your father touched. The gift of warmth, presumably the children donot pay does not work. Main products: car dvd player and car dvd ,are with good quality

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